19 March 2001

Quebec Nordiques jerseys have proven to be in great demand for the viewers of this site. Time has not tempered the demand for them. For the sake of expediency, I provide the following information.

The best place to look for Quebec Nordiques jerseys - or any other Nordiques stuff for that matter - is Ebay. There are almost always at least 40 Nords items available for sale at any given time. This is also the best place to look for high-end collectables such as game-worn jerseys (I've seen them offered here on several occasions). A direct link follows:

Quebec Nordiques on Ebay

Another place to try is Jock Shop Hockey Classics in Hamilton, Ontario. However, I am informed the only Nordiques jerseys they have are screen printed, not embroidered. Their address is:

Jock Shop Hockey Classics
1 Duke Street, Unit 211
Hamilton, ON L8P 1W9
(905) 527-8247 (voice)

PNW Sports in Ohio doesn't offer jerseys per se, but they do have an impressive collection of Nords merchandise from the WHA and NHL eras. Click here to see what they have.

PNW Sports
P.O. Box 26351
Fairview Park, OH 44126
(440) 331-5898 (voice)

Website: http://www.pnwsports.com/

A Twin Cities-based business called Blue Tiger Athletics sells Nordiques jerseys and other interesting hockey items. Check them out:

Website: http://www.bluetigerathletics.com/

Nordiques jerseys - especially authentic ones - are scarce. They will almost certainly become more scarce as the months and years wear on. If you want one, be prepared to look hard.

I hope this helps.


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