As in baseball, major league hockey teams keep farm teams in their organizations which play in small markets and develop young talent. The Nordiques were certainly no exception as several teams were affiliated with them throughout their history.

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A complete listing of everyone who took the ice for Quebec.

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A fictional account of what might have happened had the Nords stayed in Canada.

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The following logos were taken from the Cornwall Aces web site, with the exception of the Maine Nordiques, Hampton Gulls, Binghamton Dusters and Syracuse Firebirds, which are courtesy of Ralph Slate.

Maine Nordiques logo - 1973-1977
Maine Nordiques (1973-1977)
Based out of Lewiston, Maine, these Nordiques played in the North American Hockey League. Maine was Quebec's farm team during the WHA days. The logo dates to the 1974-75 season.

Hampton Gulls logo - 1977-1978
Hampton Gulls (1977-1978)
The Hampton Gulls were the first American Hockey League team Quebec worked with, but this was very shortlived as the Gulls folded after only 46 games.

Binghamton Dusters logo - 1978-1979
Binghamton Dusters (1978-1979)
This AHL team had joint affiliations with the WHA Nordiques and the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins. In the logo, "Broome" is a reference to Broome County, N.Y., where Binghamton is located.

Syracuse Firebirds Logo - 1979-1980
Syracuse Firebirds (1979-1980)
Formerly the Philadelphia Firebirds, this AHL team was a Nordiques affiliate during its only season in Syracuse.

Fredricton Express logo - 1981-1989
Fredricton Express (1981-1989)
The Express also played in the AHL and were a joint farm team of the Nordiques and Vancouver Canucks through most of the 1980s.

Halifax Citadels logo - 1989-1993
Halifax Citadels (1989-1993)
In 1989, the AHL's Fredricton franchise moved to Halifax and became the Citadels. They retained their ties to the Nordiques though.

Cornwall Aces logo - 1993-1996
Cornwall Aces (1993-1996)
After four seasons in Nova Scotia, the Citadels moved yet again and provided young talent for Quebec and for the Colorado Avalanche after the moving van pulled up to the Nords' doorstep in 1995. However, after one season with the Avs, Colorado turned to the Hershey Bears for their minor league outlet and the Aces folded.

Special thanks to Ivo Dostal's Hockey Team List for fact verification.

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